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One of the first questions that everyone asks is: How much does this cost?

Well, it depends.

Are you looking for someone to help you plan your wedding or special event, start to finish? Then you’d want to consider the Full Plate, because that’s what will happen. We’ll sit down and chat about what you want, and we’ll put together the idea that’s in your head to the best of our ability. Do you want me to help you put together a full wedding package that may or may not involve pyrotechnics, elephants, and a five-star, four-course menu? Do you have a theme in mind and want to make it go from thought to reality? Then a custom coordination package is what you need, which consists of a retainer fee and percentage. Please contact for further details.

For those who really want to sit back and relax with minimal involvement, I have consulted with many vendors throughout the San Diego area and can create packages that include accommodations, venue, staff, food, drink, music and photographers.

If you have everything color-coded, organized, written down and triple-checked but want someone to help you with Day Of Coordination, my rate will be a flat fee, based on the size of your group/size of the venue.  (For example, a event for 40 guests in a 1,000 square foot private garden will cost less than an event for 350 guests in a 6,000 square foot ballroom.)

For those who need me for Day Of/Month of Coordination only, rates start at $400, and price breakdown is as follows:
– initial consultation: complimentary
– second meeting/consultation: $100 retainer fee
– 50% of the agreed upon flat rate due 2 weeks after retainer meeting
– 50% of the agreed upon flat rate due 1 month before event.

If you are requesting this service less than one week in advance, rates start at $600.

There are “wedding coaching” packages available for an hourly rate of $50/hour for those who opt for me to coordinate with you and your event team, such as friends, family, bridal party, or caterer, but don’t necessarily need someone there the entire time.

If you’d prefer to do partial wedding planning, Bite Size allows you to select which services you require help on and which you’ll handle on your own. For example, have you selected the perfect venue but overwhelmed with finding your remaining vendors? Have you booked your florist, but concerned that you can’t find the right music? Are you asking yourself “What am I forgetting?”

This partial planning is available for you at an hourly rate of $50/hour, with a two-hour minimum.


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