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Urban Kitchen Catering – CUCINA urbana

A few days ago I was lucky enough to meet up with the very fabulous Carmelle from Urban Kitchen Catering, over at CUCINAurbana, which made me realize that I need to start telling you guys reviews of my vendors. So this is the first review of many, but hopefully I can help you build your *own* reviews. 🙂

We chatted about food, the industry, food, weddings, food and general San Diego stuff. Did I mention the food? She actually got married at Marina Village right about the time I started working there (in 2007), and was a very nice bride to deal with. She helps Urban Kitchen Catering at their various locations and helps put together offsite events as well. A great person to deal with, very personable and organized.

I’ve driven and walked by this place many times and was never quite sure what it was, so the opportunity to visit was much appreciated.

This place is just divine – and easy on the eyes!

Urban Kitchen Catering specializes in food design for people who care about what they’re putting in their mouths. This isn’t where I get all preachy and tell you “Local-Organic or Bust!”, because by caring about what you’re eating, I mean you’re trying to serve your guests Delicious Food that they will remember. Have you ever been to a party or wedding and remembered how awful the food was? Yeah, this is not that kind of stuff.

I had the salmon and it was … wow. “Tasty” doesn’t cover it; they did something that was more than just fish on a plate with a side of potatoes – they transformed it into Really Good Dinner. It melted in my mouth. I want to eat it on a daily basis.

SO good. This place is fantastic. I’m sure I had a full review on them but thinking of the deliciousness sort of made me forget what I was going to say.

Anyway! Just …trust me, if you want a meal at your event that is so good your guests stop talking, you let me know. I’ll hook you up. 🙂


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