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Meredith & Eric

These guys get The Responsibility Award.

Meredith is completely insane. Which is why she is AMAZING. Fabulous, even! I really dig that chick, and to see her with her man Eric is just adorable. They’re a sweet couple. FYI – you don’t refer to them as Meredith & Eric. You refer to them as Meric, because that’s the kind of couple that they are. And they’re not even annoying about it!

The three of us met at Marina Village, and realized we had a bunch of friends in common. Is that a bad thing? Nahh…the best part is having the same sense of humor. It also turned out they wanted to get married just before me – on April 1st! Some people might think that was an omen, but this worked out in their favor.

Meric’s event was on 4/1/11, with a small ceremony on the South Lawn and festive drunken reception in the Bayview Room.

It was a very exciting time indeed. 🙂

Check out more photos over here…


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