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Denice & Eric

I first met Denice when she and Eric came to my venue to look around for a wedding spot… and then we proceeded to talk for probably two hours straight. She’s AWESOME.

So is Eric. πŸ™‚

Anyway, we got past the initial walk-in meeting, and she proceeded to come back and visit me almost every weekend for the next year. It was like she worked there part time. It always made me happy to see her come in and kick it.

Here’s her story:
Eric and I met at Dixieline Lumber yard. My current boyfriend at the time had applied but didn’t get hired, so then I applied, got hired, and met Eric. Once I got to know Eric as a person, and then as a friend I knew someway-somehow I was going to marry him. I dumped my boyfriend of two years, kissed Eric the next week, became his girlfriend within a month. One year Eric and I went to Big Bear for the weekend; I was getting our toiletries put away in our cabin when my cell phone rang. Eric had called me from the parking lot asking for help with our luggage. I went outside and couldn’t find him, he then called me again and told me to come down to the lake (he had something to show me)….as I walked down to the lake there were two large boulders blocking the shore line so I couldn’t see around the bend, nevertheless there was Eric as soon as I turned the bend on his knee with a ring in his hand. Once he proposed his love and asked to marry me, a fish jumped out of the lake and splashed back towards the water….that was a great indication for me to say, “yes!” πŸ™‚

You know, with anybody else that might sound cheesy, but it just fits the two of them so well. Denice is this bright spot of sunshine, and they just get along so well. They are just really pleasant to be around. On August 14, 2009, they had their wedding ceremony in the South Lawn, followed up by a nice casual reception in the Bayview Room.

Close to two hundred people attended, and had one hell of a good time (Denice made sure of that).

Nothing brings out the best in people like a good conga line. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, after their event I was bummed because it was over. It was always fun to talk to them, fun enough that we became friends and they ended up attending my wedding as well (woohoo!) I’m so happy to have been a part of their special day.

Check out some other wedding shots over here.


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  1. Thank you for all of your help! Without your support and patience there’s no way our wedding day would have run as smoothly as it did! πŸ™‚ Everyone @ Marina Village was great but Larissa made us feel like we were VIP guests all the time πŸ™‚


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