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How Sweet It Is

Yeah yeah …the puns. It won’t all be cupcakes and glitter, but hey, you have to start somewhere. 🙂

I’ve been working in the special events industry for close to five years now, and have talked with lots and lots and lots and LOTS of people that have had a lot of parties. Mostly weddings.

Three years ago I started planning my own.

It went well. 🙂


Anyway, all this past experience made me realize that it feels good to help other people, so that’s why I’m trying to get this under a bit more formal of an umbrella. I have lots of resources, inspiration and ideas, and am here to help you as well! Uh, plus: weddings = FUN. If they’re not fun, you’re doing it wrong. It’s all about celebration, so if you keep your eye on that, it all works out. (I promise.)

So – enjoy my blog, bear with me while all the behind-the-scenes stuff is going on, and let’s get the party started. 🙂


About Larissa Horvath

About me... uh, I do things involving stuff? Let's just say I'm not a fan of being bored. Here are some keywords: internet, art, event planning, design, organization, marina, blogging, writing, being awesome. Go from there.

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